Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pancake Breakfast at the Cloverdale Legion on Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Cloverdale Legion is having a pancake breakfast this Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 8am to 11:30am. The price is $5 and includes pancakes, eggs, sausages, coffee, tea, and an orange juice/drink.

The Legion is across the street from the Cloverdale firehall, 17567 - 56th Avenue.

Open House at Fraser Downs Barn Area September 13, 2014

Fraser Downs barn area will be hosting an open house on Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 9:30am to 2pm. There will be barn tours and opportunities to pat a horse and talk to the people who work in the backstretch. There will be cart rides and a BBQ and they usually have contests going on to win small prizes like baseball caps or other Fraser Downs merchandise.

Saturday is forecast to be a nice day so come out and meet some Standardbred racehorses and the people who love the horse racing industry.

The barn area is at 17740 62nd Avenue. You get to it off 176th Street, turn at the lights and drive almost all the way down the road. Its better to park across the street in the big parking lot next to the red Agriplex barn instead of trying to find a spot in the backstretch parking lot.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Last Few Days of The Clova

If you're thinking to catch one final show at Cloverdale's Clova Theatre, you only have a few days left. If you're like me and you still have a few stamps left on your "the what you want" pack, pay it forward and give the people behind you in the line a free night at the movies.

This week the shows are Tammy playing at 7pm and Jersey Boys at 8:55pm playing until Thursday July 31, 2014. Admission is $8, stay for one or both movies.

On Friday August 1, 2014, the Clova is playing The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the last time at 9:30pm. Admission is $10.

On August 2, 2014 the Clova is once again hosting their version of The Amazing Race. Register at noon for $10 each. Car is needed this year.

Later on August 2, catch a live act at the Clova: ABRA Cadabra! A tribute to the popular 70's group ABBA. Starts at 7:30pm and tickets are $30 each.

On Sunday, August 3 at 1:30pm the Clova will be holding an auction. Your last chance to get some Clova memorabilia.

The Clova opened in 1948. I went to many Saturday matinees here when I was growing up. Saw just about every Disney movie and cartoon of the time. This was also where I first saw Star Wars. The line up for that went down the street, around the Clover Inn (now Henry's) and down 57th Avenue!

If we want to watch a movie we'll have to leave Cloverdale and head to Langley or other parts of Surrey.

Goodbye Clova. We'll miss watching movies here and seeing the marquee lit up at night.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Surrey Night Market in Cloverdale

The Surrey Night Market will be starting this weekend, Friday July 5, 2014 running Friday and Saturday nights ending August 30, 2014.

The Surrey Night Market will be held in Cloverdale on 62nd Avenue, accessed only from 176th Street, the north end of the Cloverdale Fairgrounds. Head towards the Agriplex, across the street from the backstretch of Fraser Downs.

There is lots of parking in the fairgrounds but no parking in the backstretch or the rec centre.

The Surrey Night Market will have lots of food vendors and other vendors. There will also be entertainers. The market is open from 6pm to 11pm and admission is $2.

For more information see their website.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Cloverdale Canada Day Party July 1 2014

Once again Cloverdale is hosting Surrey's big Canada Day bash at the Millennium Park on the corner of 176th Street and 64th Avenue.

The festivities start at 10am and continue until 10:30pm or until the fireworks end.

There'll be performers and amusement park rides and other activities going on all day. For more information, see Surrey's Canada Day web page

With 100,000 attendees showing up at past Canada Day celebrations, the best option is to walk if you live close enough. Or take transit. For everyone else, the big question is where to park. The most convenient place is the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, parking lot entrances off 60th Avenue between 176th and 177B Streets. They open up the racetrack for lots more parking. Even with hundreds of parking spots available on the grounds, they'll probably all be spoken for by mid-day. Parking is free. Other parking options are the residential streets west of 176th Street between 60th and 64th Avenues. The parking lot at Lord Tweedsmuir High School is open but mostly the people parking there are the ones catching the fireworks at the end of the day.

Whatever you do, don't park in the Cloverdale Crossing Shopping Centre on 64th Avenue across the street from the park. The mall puts up signs at the entrances warning people not to leave their cars there to attend events or they'll be towed. The mall hires security guards who watch where people go when they get out of their cars. If you go to a business to buy something, no problem. If you park and walk across the street to the Canada Day celebrations, you might be hiring a taxi for the drive home.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Parking in Cloverdale during May 2014 Rodeo Weekend

Here's the scoop on parking around Cloverdale during the rodeo weekend May 16 - 19, 2014.

The huge parking lot at the former Cloverdale Mall is no more. The area has been fenced in for construction. There are about 100 parking spots in the area surrounding the Cloverdale Legion, the last of the old Cloverdale Mall parking lot. However the Legion is holding pancake breakfasts and barbecues all weekend and won't be too impressed if people park there and aren't coming inside to eat.

The first suggestion is to pay $10 and park at the Cloverdale fairgrounds. That gives you a close walk to the fair and the rodeo. Get there early. Last year drivers refused to believe the fairgrounds parking lot was full and kept getting into the left hand turn lane on 60th Avenue and trying to convince the lot attendant to let them in.

Also try Greenaway Park next to the fairgrounds on 60th Avenue and park there for free. The gates are locked at dusk so get back to your car by then or look for another way home.

Another choice is to park on residential streets around Cloverdale. That'll be a longer walk but parking is free. Keep an eye on the parking signs. Downtown Cloverdale is a maximum of 2 hours and there are a few no parking areas around town. The parking bylaw officers are in full force in Cloverdale this weekend. Huge payday for them because people park where they shouldn't be. The most popular parking spots are everything in-between 176A Street and 180th Street and 56A Avenue to 59th Avenue.

Cloverdale has a few free public parking lots. One is located on 56A Avenue just west of 176th Street, in the alley behind the firehall. There's about 60 parking spots here. On 176A Street just north of 57th Avenue, behind the Clova and next to the Bank of Montreal is a large parking lot. A couple hundred spots available here. A little further down 176A Street on the corner of 58A Avenue is another parking lot with about 100 or so parking spots.

On Saturday morning the streets between 176A Street and 177B Street 56A Avenue to 58A Avenue  are temporarily closed from 6am to noon for the parade participants to set up. After noon they are up for grabs the rest of the weekend. 176th Street is closed during these times because of the parade route. Tow trucks are standing near by and I always see a couple of cars being towed off this street. Not a good idea to park here the rest of the weekend anyway because its 2 hour parking.

There is a lot of street parking in residential areas west of 176th Street between 60th and 64th Avenues. The problem with this subdivision is if you're not familiar with it, it twists and turns and cul-de-sac's all over the place.

Some residents offer parking in their driveways and front lawns for a few bucks and some of the local churches also sell parking spots.

Don't even think about parking in the Clover Crossing Mall on 64th Avenue and 176th Street. They have security guards watching all weekend. If you park and walk off the premises they'll call a tow truck. They watch real closely to make sure everyone who parks a car goes into one of the businesses there.


Cloverdale Rodeo May 2014

The Cloverdale Rodeo and all the events surrounding it is coming up this long weekend. The city crews have been busy spiffing up town. The lawns in the boulevards have been mowed and the hanging planters are up along 176th Street and the automatic waterers are keeping them watered.

For the past couple of days there is activity in the Cloverdale fairgrounds while midway rides and concession stands are getting set up in place.

The weekend kicks off on Thursday, May 15, 2014 with the bed races on 176A Street between 57th and 58th Avenues. It starts around 6pm. Come out and cheer on your favourite team!

On Friday, May 16, 2014, the great chili cook off is happening in the Clover Square Village on Highway 10 and 177B Street. This is from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Tasting the chili is free and often the competitors have other snacks (tortilla chips, cookies, beverages) so come out and eat enough where you don't have to cook dinner. Vote for the best chili and enjoy the music entertainment.

The fairgrounds opens at 4pm for the midway and there will be a rodeo performance that night.

Check their website for the hours of operation all weekend.

On Saturday morning the Cloverdale Rodeo parade gets underway at 10am, depending on your viewing area. The parade sets up on the side streets between 176A Street and 177B Street (roughly between 56A Avenue and 58 Avenue. The parade heads south on 177B Street to Highway 10. Half the highway is shut down during the parade. The parade goes west on Highway 10 and then turns left (north) on 176th Street. This is the most popular area for viewing the parade. Arrive early for a good spot if this is the place you want to be. The parade continues to 58A Avenue, then hangs a right (east) to 176A Street and turns left (north) back towards the fairgrounds. It kind of peters out here so don't find a viewing spot on 176A and hope to see the parade. The competitors are stopping and turning around to get back to where they parked their cars.

City workers have put up big signs on 176th Street just north of 64th Avenue and just before the Roger Pierlet Overlet overpass over the train tracks advising drivers due to the event there will be traffic tie ups. Unfortunately where they put the signs up there is really nowhere else for the drivers to go but head straight into Cloverdale and the traffic congestion. If you don't plan to attend the rodeo or go to the fair, avoid the Cloverdale fairgrounds area. Traffic is snarled. Go a few blocks out of your way and you'll save yourself lots of time.