Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cloverdale Blueberry Festival 2015

Let me just start off with the sad news. Cloverdale will not be hosting a blueberry festival in 2015.

This news was broken by the Cloverdale business association a few months ago due to lack of sponsors and lack of funds. There has been no update that it's back on.

In the past, the Cloverdale Blueberry Festival is held early August with the main attraction a Show 'n' Shine. I love seeing those classic cars!

It also has entertainers, pie eating contest, and vendors with produce for sale.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for next year.

The Healthy Earth coming to Cloverdale

I noticed a sign up in the former location of King Tut's on 176th Street near 56A Avenue, that The Healthy Earth deli, juice & smoothie bar is opening in July.

Overall a good idea but perhaps a little ambitious for Cloverdale. This is a town with at least one of every fast food restaurant out there. A cowboy town. Check your discerning tastes at the edge of town type of place.

For more information their website is

Cloverdale Canada Day celebration July 1, 2015

Once again Cloverdale is hosting a big Canada Day celebration at the Cloverdale Millennium Park which has been renamed Bill Reid Millennium Park. The Millennium Park is located on the corner of 176th Street and 64th Avenue.

The gates open at 10am and the festivities end around 10:30pm with the fireworks.

This year's featured performers are Blue Rodeo at 9pm. More information on the entertainment line up can be found here

In past years over 100,000 people have been in attendance so the big question is where to find parking in a town that's going to become a traffic nightmare. Free parking at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, enter off 60th Avenue, east of 176th Street. They usually open up the racetrack for parking. This usually fills up at some point in the afternoon on July 1 and the lot is closed. People also look for parking west of 176th Street in the subdivision between 60th Avenue and 64th Avenue. There is a park and a school in the area and the gates are open for cars. Lord Tweedsmuir on 180th Street and 60th Avenue has the gates open for parking too and not too many people park here until its time for the fireworks. It's a good spot to sit on the football field and watch them from.

Surrey's fast moving parking enforcement officers are all over Cloverdale on Canada Day making big bucks in fines. Make sure you don't park in a 2 hour parking zone if you're going to be away from your car longer than that. Other normal rules of the road apply. I see cars with tickets because they parked too close to a stop sign or they parked the opposite way from the traffic direction or they parked in a no parking zone. Don't even think of parking in the Cloverdale Crossing Mall across the street from the Millennium Park. They put up big signs at each entrance warning people there is no special event parking. And they hire security guards to watch where people are going when they get out of their car. If you go into a business, no problem. If you walk across the street, they'll call a tow truck. Don't risk parking, going into Tim Horton's and then cross the street with your goodies. The security guards might not see you, but if you leave your car there too long it'll be towed.

So there you have it. Plenty of free parking around Cloverdale, just do it legally.

Now for the big traffic nightmare part around Cloverdale, getting out. If you don't want to see the fireworks, then get moving. If you stay for the fireworks getting out of Cloverdale requires lots of patience. Around 10pm the police close off 176th Street between 57th Avenue and 64th Avenue. This is due to pedestrian safety. The streets will be clogged with people walking back to their cars. For some reason drivers think it's a good idea to head into one of the subdivisions and go around in circles and then end up back where the street is closed. Your best bet wherever you are is to head east to get out of Cloverdale even if its a bit out of your way because most everyone else is heading west. Drive up to 184th Street. From there head to either Highway 10 or Fraser Highway or further along if that suits your destination better. The farther away you get from Cloverdale the lesser the traffic, so don't try to navigate any of the subdivisions close to the fairgrounds unless you like circling back to where you started from.

Happy Canada Day!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Free Rodeo Pancake Breakfast Saturday May 16, 2015

I have seen the sign!

That would be the sandwich sign in front of the Cloverdale Canadian Reformed Church (17473 60th Ave.) once again serving up a free pancake breakfast before the Cloverdale Rodeo Parade. Come between 8am and 10am for pancakes, eggs, sausages, and a morning beverage.

Thanks to the church for offering this special breakfast again this year!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cloverdale Rodeo weekend May 15 to 18, 2015

It's only a few days away! The Cloverdale Rodeo hits town again on the May long weekend, May 15 - 18, 2015.

The rodeo and country fair is held in the Cloverdale Fairgrounds on the corner of 176th Street and 60th Avenue, also home to Fraser Downs Racetrack & Casino. Same parking lot but due to the special event pay parking is in effect - $10 and main parking lot accessed off 60th Avenue. If the lot is full, there is free parking on the residential streets surrounding the fairgrounds. Before you park in the downtown shopping area of Cloverdale, along 176th Street, pay attention to the parking signs, especially if it says 2 hour parking. The City of Surry parking enforcement is out in full force on the rodeo weekend. They make a lot of money. Make sure you don't park within 6 metres of a stop sign, block a fire hydrant, or park facing the opposite direction of traffic. I've seen parking tickets on cars that do this. The old Cloverdale Mall parking lot is blocked off with fencing, so don't head there if you haven't been in Cloverdale in a couple of years. No parking access. Also don't think of parking in the Cloverdale Crossing shopping plaza, corner of 176th Street and 64th Avenue. They have signs up warning there is no event parking and they hire security guards to keep an eye on people exiting cars to make sure they're going into one of the shops and not crossing the street to the fairgrounds. And they quick call tow trucks.

Things kick off on Thursday night, May14, 2015 with the bed races. Held on 176A Street between 57th and 58th Avenues starting around 6pm. They usually last for an hour.

On Friday, May 15, 2015 go to the Clover Square shopping mall on the corner of Highway 10 and 177B Street for the chili cook off between 4:30pm and 6:30pm. Many businesses and individuals compete and its free for the consumer as long as they're voting on the favourite chili. Each station gives out a small cup of chili. Sometimes there'll be extra goodies like a bun or tortilla chips or something to drink. There's a stage set up with live country music.

The fairgrounds opens at 4pm on Friday. Check their website for operating times and rodeo performances.

The parade (free) gets underway Saturday morning May 16, 2015 around 10am depending on where you're at on the route. The parade staging areas are on all the avenues from 56A to 58A between 176A and 177B Streets. There is no public parking on these areas on Saturday morning until the parade has ended. The rest of the weekend its up for grabs. The parade starts off along 177B Street while all the participants get ready, heads south to Highway 10 where half the lanes have been blocked off up to 176th Street. The parade heads north along 176 Street and this is where most of the spectators take up viewing spots. If you plan to watch on 176th Street, be sure to arrive by 9am for a good spot. When the parade reaches 58A Avenue, it turns east and at 176A Street, turns north and goes to the fairgrounds. However the parade always seems to peter out at this spot, and instead of continuing all the way to the fairgrounds, the participants turn back to the staging area.

Various pancake breakfasts happening all weekend for around $5 at the Cloverdale Legion on 57th Avenue just west of 176th Street, and the Lions holding a pancake breakfast at Hawthorne Square on 176th Street, between 57th and 58th Avenues. I haven't seen a sign in front of the church that usually does a free pancake breakfast on Saturday morning before the rodeo. I'll do a quick update if I see that one's going ahead.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

King Tut's Donairs Back in Business

King Tut's Donairs closed down their 176th Street location a few months ago, but they are back in business in Cloverdale.

For your $5 donair, head to the Corner Store on the corner of 177B Street and 57th Avenue. King Tut's has set up their new restaurant at the back of the store with their own entrance.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Clova Theatre Christmas Movies

The Clova will be showing Christmas movies in December. This appears to be an event organized by the current building owners, Crossridge Church, instead of the former Clova staff.

Admission is by donation to the food bank. Bag of popcorn and a pop for $2. Free coffee and hot chocolate.

Showtimes are at 7pm.

December 12: It's a Wonderful Life

December 19: A Christmas Carol

December 22: The Polar Express

If you miss the Clova and want to see a movie on their screen again, don't miss your chance to enjoy some holiday favourites and help out the food bank.

The Clova is located at 5732 176th Street.