Monday, March 24, 2014

Clova Theatre going dark this Summer

Sad to say, Cloverdale's Clova Theatre will be closing its doors this summer.

For the past 2 years on Sundays the Cross Ridge Church has been holding its services in the Clova and this group has purchased the building the Clova is housed in and unfortunately the Clova will be going dark this summer. I don't know yet what the last day will be.

The Clova is located on 176th Street, Cloverdale's main street, halfway between 57th and 58th Avenues. It was built in 1948. Before the Clova was built my father said he used to have to catch the train into Langley to watch movies. That was back when they had passenger train service and the station was behind the Co-op, in pretty much the same place where the train station is right now that offers rides back and forth between Sullivan and Cloverdale in the summer. According to my father, the problem with catching a movie in Langley was there was no return passenger service to Cloverdale and so they'd have to walk home or stick their thumbs out.

Growing up in Cloverdale the Saturday matinee was a weekly tradition. I've seen just about every Disney movie there - Bambi, Snow White, Lady and the Tramp, Yogi Bear, the Flintstones, and I even remember a movie about a bear named Toklat. Sometimes the theatre was giving out free popcorn in paper bags. The old stale stuff that nobody ate but instead threw it around the theatre aiming for their friends a few rows away. Who remember the pink elephant popcorn. What about the .10¢ chocolate bars? Back then you'd want to get the most bang for your dime and buy a chocolate bar that would last awhile. That usually meant getting a Pep Chew or an Eat More. There was another big chocolate bar whose name escapes me that was pretty big and full of nuts. And another bar that was pretty big and it was twisted in a lattice shape, chocolate coated toffee or peppermint that was chewy.

The Clova was also where I saw Star Wars for the first time. I still remember that night. Huge line ups around the block. By the time my friend and I got to the ticket counter the first show was sold out but they were selling tickets for the 2nd show (9pm?) and we decided to stick around. All I remember was when they opened the doors for the 2nd show there was a huge crush of people shoving their way in. I doubt the staff was able to check anyone to see if they held tickets. I got pushed in by the masses and looking around for my friend saw her getting the old squeeze play while the crowd pushed her inside too. Whew! Fun times!

And those fun times are coming to an end. I've seen hundreds of movies at the Clova ever since I was a little girl and I'll catch a few more in the next months. Then its going to mean driving to another part of Surrey or over to Langley.

The end of an era.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cloverdale Legion Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Cloverdale Legion, 17567 - 57th Avenue, is holding a pancake breakfast this Saturday, January 11, 2014. Cost is $5 and includes pancakes, eggs, sausages, coffee, tea, and orange juice/drink.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Playing at the Clova from January 3 to 9, 2014

Playing at the Clova from January 3 to 9th, 2014 is:

7pm - Frozen

9:05pm - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Last show ends around 11pm. Admission is $8, stay for one or both movies. Tuesday night is $5.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Lights around Cloverdale

I'm using a different camera. It's not so good with night shots but here are a few scenes around Cloverdale with Christmas lights.

On 176th Street and 58A Avenue.

One of the wreaths hanging from a light pole.

176th Street looking south from 58th Avenue.

Painted windows at MLA Stephanie Cadieux's office on 176th Street.

Fedewich notary office on 176A Street

The Christmas tree on top of the Dale building on 176th Street.

Lights on Hawthorne Square on 176th Street.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cloverdale Santa Claus Parade - Sunday, December 8, 2013

This year Cloverdale's Santa Claus Christmas Parade of Lights will be held on Sunday, December 8, 2013 starting at 5pm.

Note: this is one week later from the previously announced date. If you show up in Cloverdale on December 1 you will be disappointed.

They changed the parade route last year and I think they are doing the same route again this year. The parade's staging area is in the Fraser Downs parking lot - the fairgrounds on 60th Avenue. The parade will come out of the parking lot and head south on 177B Street. At 58th Avenue, the parade turns west and continues to 176th Street. The parade continues southbound to 56A Avenue and then turns right or westbound. At this point the parade peters out and goes up the back alley to 57th Avenue and then exits at the Cloverdale Bypass and makes their way back to the fairgrounds. Most people try to get viewing spots on 176th Street especially if they have children who want to meet Santa. It's less crowded along 58th Avenue.

The parade features semi truck rigs decked out in Christmas lights and decorations, many coming from Vancouver Island through the Island Equipment Owners Association. There were also be local trucks in the parade. There will be cars, marching bands, and horses taking part. The highlight is Santa Claus at the end of the parade who will disembark his float at Hawthorne Square on 176th Street, between 57th and 58th Avenues, and will throw the switch to light up the Christmas tree on top of the Dale Building.

Last year there were 3 floats that had Santa Claus so perhaps they'll coordinate a bit better this year!

The food bank will be collecting donations and several merchants and vendors will be selling hot chocolate, hot dogs, cookies, and other treats.

Parking around Cloverdale can be a little tricky. All the above mentioned streets on the parade route will have temporary no parking signs on them. If you've parked in the past at the site of the old Cloverdale Mall, you need to find another place to park. The old mall is under construction and behind a fence. There are still some parking spaces around the Cloverdale Legion on 57th Avenue. Public parking lots are on 176A Street at 58A Avenue, 176A Street at 57A Avenue (behind the Clova Theatre, next to the Bank of Montreal), and in the alley behind 176th Street between 56A Avenue and 57th Avenues behind the firehall. These public parking lots between them hold about 150 cars. The old Cloverdale Super Market (Shop-Easy) that closed down on 176th Street and 58th Avenue has a small parking lot that holds about 20 cars. No one is monitoring the parking there but arrive early before the streets get shut down. There is free street parking around Cloverdale, look at 176A and 177B Streets and all the avenues between those streets and then walk downtown. Streets will be shut down by volunteers so car traffic will undoubtedly get quite jammed up as people arriving at the last minute try to find a place to park. If you want to find a good parking spot, arrive before 4pm. If you arrive late, after 4:30pm, try the parking lot at the fairgrounds and catch the parade as it starts.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Lights going up around Cloverdale

Christmas lights are being hung in downtown Cloverdale. Some of the Christmas lights have been set up on 176th Street and in Hawthorne Square. Several trees on the main street have been decorated and Hawthorne Square has red Christmas lights strung up and some wreaths.

The workers will be finishing the lights by the end of November in preparation for the Santa Claus Parade.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cloverdale Remembrance Day 2013

Remembrance Day services will be held at the Museum Square in Cloverdale beginning 10:15am on November 11, 2013.

Address is 17710 56A Avenue.

The cenotaph is located just west of the museum in the square behind the Surrey Archives, formerly the police station and then the library. The current library is kitty corner to the square. There is parking at the museum but get there early. Other parking is along the streets on 56A Avenue, 176A Street, 177B Street, and the streets around there.

Ceremony usually lasts about an hour.